Monkey Facts: The Common Marmoset

The world of exotic pets is always an exciting prospect. The task of bringing new, wild creatures closer to humanity is one shared by many pet owners and animal enthusiasts alike. In fact, marmoset monkeys are among the most popular choice of exotic pet lovers today – but what exactly are they, and how can you recognize one?


The common marmoset is a small monkey that typically has gray fur, developing tufts of white around its body as it grows. Its long tail is also covered in fur, with a striped pattern on it. Marmosets also have specialized claws meant for gripping tree trunks (much like a sloth), and sharp incisors and canines that can gnaw through bark, thus allowing them access to the tree’s sap.


Marmosets are generally social creatures, with a social structure that revolves around a single extended family with a few dominant individuals that initialize breeding. When kept as pets, owners should always make certain that their marmoset’s social needs are met, since these creatures can get lonely and depressed quite easily.


Pet owners should also learn to recognize their marmosets’ mating patterns and behavior. Marmosets undergoing puberty, for example, could get aggressive. Moreover, a pregnant marmoset could give birth about 5 months after mating, and most births are of twins, with some instances of single births or triplets.


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