Tips before Getting a Pet Monkey, Part II

The previous part of this series talked about a prospective owner’s personal readiness and where to initially shop for a pet monkey. For this second and final installment, we’ll delve into the more technical details of choosing a pet primate.

Type of Monkey to Get

There are two major classifications of primates: the New World and the Old World. New World monkeys primarily inhabit central and South America, while Old World monkeys are those that come from regions like Africa, India, and Southeast Asia.

New World primates include the smaller ones like capuchin monkeys, squirrel monkeys, and marmosets. Their small size enables them to climb up and safely live in trees; and while technically weaker than their counterparts, they’re quite strong in relation to their size. Old World monkeys are larger, stronger, and generally live on land, so New World monkeys are more ideal as pets.

Local Legislation

Several states prohibit the ownership of monkeys. Before getting a primate, it is vital to check local laws if you’re allowed to keep a pet monkey at home. To find out more about such laws, you can visit your state or city’s fish and wildlife site for current information as well as check with the Homeowners’ Association in your community.

There’s still a wealth of considerations that affect pet monkey ownership, so you better do more research on your own. Doing so will not only ease the hassles of caring for your pet, but also nurture your connection with your furry pal.


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