Sexual Maturity of Marmosets

Marmosets are tiny South American monkeys that belong to the callitrichid family. Their minute size and friendly demeanor make them an increasingly popular pet choice. As babies, they can be quite charming, but when they reach sexual maturity, they can be quite a handful.

Marmosets generally reach sexual maturity between 18 and 24 months. At this stage, they can end up being dangerous to the owners. They react less as pets and more like human teenagers that succumb to their strong instincts and urges. As such, these little primates require extreme training and experience.

Marmosets usually give birth to twins, although triplets and quadruplets are not uncommon. If parents have not been raised in a family setting (e.g. if they had been bottle-fed and hand-raised), they will not have acquired parenting skills, which can lead to them not having the necessary skills to raise their offspring. However, hand-raised marmosets will eventually learn how to care for their young after several birth cycles.

Raising a marmoset is no child’s play—it’s a job that requires utmost discipline, diligence, and patience. Although they can be difficult to handle, loving them and giving them your undue attention can help make them the ideal loving pets you want them to be.


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