It’s a Good Idea to Buy Your Own Finger Monkey!

Owning a pet brings with it many benefits, especially health-related ones. Indeed, numerous studies confirm that spending time with animals somehow reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, and improves overall mood. The benefits are even greater when docile, friendly animals are involved, which is what people say to describe pygmy marmosets or ‘finger monkeys’.

In some ways, these small, exotic animals are the perfect pets that people have been looking for. First, finger monkeys are incredibly active and they spend most of their lives jumping from one high spot to another in search of food or fun. As such, they are a huge hit around guests and children who’ve never seen such energetic furry animals before.

Second, finger monkeys tend to build large families, which is a good thing for someone who enjoys plenty of company and doesn’t mind doing extra effort to care for a lot of animals. In fact, every litter from a female finger monkey has a 70 percent chance of producing twins or triplets: a rarity in most types of animals!

Lastly, finger monkeys are very affectionate to their owners and they tend to follow them wherever they may be. So long as they’re given a safe and nurturing environment, finger monkeys can be a person’s best friend for a long time!


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