Monkey Basics: The Proper Care of Marmoset Monkeys

Marmoset monkeys are cute little creatures and they make for nice pets. However, many people who buy marmoset monkeys often don’t have enough knowledge to take care of them well. Here’s a few things to know about properly caring for these particular pets.

  • Marmosets are emotionally needy. They’re not like cats that you can just leave alone. They are social animals and require your patience and care. Normally, they live in groups, so leaving them isolated will only hurt their emotional well-being. Your best approach would be to get a companion or mate for it and to provide them with ample attention. Understandably, another monkey may not be financially viable – but you can’t skimp on your emotional care. Giving them this will make them sweet and adorable pets.
  • You’ll need a spacious cage. Marmosets live an active life in the outdoors. This need for activity carries over even when they’re your pet. Get a cage with enough space for it to jump around. Additionally, buy some toys and a hammock to place into it to give your pet something more to do. Marmosets love to play and the toys will keep them happy.
  • Feeding your marmoset well is essential. Provide them a diet that is rich in vitamin C and D3. Although canned marmoset food is available, fresh fruits, vegetables, and fish are still recommended.

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