Must-Haves for the Marmoset Owner: Dedication

Owning an exotic pet such as a pygmy marmoset isn’t just a source of pride and a daily dose of cute, it’s first and foremost a major responsibility. Since these monkeys have not yet been effectively bred for domesticated life, there are a few things you should know about taking care of one.


Social Animals


Be prepared for a lot of interaction with your pet, because marmosets are very sociable, in fact babies will bond with you almost instantly and demand your attention for lengthy periods throughout the day. In short, make sure that you only get one if you can spare the time to provide for their social needs, because a lonely monkey is often a cranky monkey.




Be very careful if you plan to go on vacation with your monkey. Don’t bring him on international flights, since the stringent restrictions in the U.S. could mean he won’t be going back with you. Moreover, consider local regulations on exotic animals, or marmosets in particular, whenever you travel intra-state.




Pygmy marmosets are intelligent creatures, so you will need to allot some time for giving your pet sufficient mental stimulation. Give them toys with educational value, or make them hunt or forage for their own food by hiding it in different places inside their cage.


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