How to Be a Responsible Pygmy Marmoset Owner

Statistics on pet ownership reveal that 62 percent or 164 million American households had at least one pet in 2012. While cats and dogs are typically on the list when a family plans to get a new pet, there’s a new kid on the block that demands attention: pocket monkeys or pygmy marmosets. If you’re planning to keep one in your home, there are ways you can be a responsible owner.

Purchase from a certified breeder

It’s recommended to buy a marmoset monkey from a breeder certified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Doing so not only guarantees that buyers have the necessary papers for owning a pocket monkey, but it also assures that the little one is well taken care of when it’s separated from its mother. This can affect their emotional state, so it’s important they are weaned properly to ensure their health.

Check with local authorities about pocket monkey ownership

Some states require special permits and licenses before people can keep pygmy marmosets for sale, while others don’t. Aspiring owners should first check state policies before making any purchase.

Prepare a homely environment

Unlike cats and dogs, which can be left alone most of the day, pocket monkeys require constant care. Fortunately, they’re not picky eaters—they can eat fresh fruits, whole grains or rice, hard-boiled eggs, and sweet treats. Pocket monkey owners should also keep a vet’s number on speed dial whenever they encounter health issues with their pets.


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