Marmosets: The Most Exotic Pets You’ll Ever Have

Most pet owners are either dog lovers or cat people, and you rarely see someone who owns a pet monkey. If you wish to have your own animal companion, then you might want to stand apart from the crowd and look for an exotic monkey for sale! Don’t just look for any monkey, though, because your best bet is the marmoset monkey.

From the family Callitrichidae, marmosets are small, long-tailed monkeys native to the forests and jungles of South America. Like most primates, marmosets are tree-dwelling mammals whose main source of food are insects, fruits, tree sap, and other smaller animals. So far, marmosets are classified into three distinct groups: the black ‘Goeldi’s monkeys’ (C. goeldi) found only in the Western Amazon basin, the small pygmy marmosets (C. pygmaea) which are also considered the “true” marmosets, and the ‘Lion tamarins’, which possess thicker manes.

Aside from their exotic nature and cute appearance, marmosets are highly prized by many people because they are very friendly and energetic around humans. That said, this doesn’t mean that you’ll have a completely easy time with them because marmosets can sometimes get very aggressive, especially once the infant marmosets have sexually matured. Thus it’s almost necessary that you learn how to completely control them as they grow. For some, this is just a small price to pay for owning one of the most exotic pets in the world.


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