Finding an Adorable Pygmy Marmoset

According to the facts presented by the American Pet Products Association, American pet owners spent $55.72 billion on pet products in 2013. Such a huge spending proves how Americans regard their pets. This stat is getting even bigger as animals other than cats and dogs are becoming pets, too. One of these new home pets is the pygmy marmoset.

Pygmy marmosets make ideal pets due to their small and cuddle-worthy looks. They are also not too difficult to feed, since the monkeys are omnivores and can be fed a variety of easy-to-procure foods like fruits, eggs, cooked vegetables, crickets, and so on. Finding a cute pygmy marmoset, however, can be a tough challenge due to the restrictions on selling the primate.

Before purchasing a pygmy marmoset as a pet, you have to contact the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) first. The department needs to conduct an inspection of both the animal and the breeder to ensure that you are legally obtaining a vaccinated marmoset monkey for sale that has been taken good care of.

Only breeders certified by the USDA are cleared by the APHIS to sell the monkeys. You might also want to prepare a sturdy cage for the marmoset beforehand, so that the primate can be properly supervised. Once you obtain your marmoset, you would do well to feed it a proper diet by alternating different fruits and vegetables, with the occasional whole grain product and insect as well.


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