Raising Affable and Kindly Monkeys as Pets

People’s love for pets is far from disappearing. In fact, as more and more kinds of exotic animals are being introduced into houses, pet-loving is becoming a tradition. National Geographic once provided some facts, in its website, about humanity’s obsession with pet-keeping, and how the trend feverishly flourished from mere domestication.

While some people might argue that the capuchins featured in the article had no trouble raising the marmoset because both species are considered New World monkeys, animal lovers may say that the capuchins were enamored by the meek and adorable appearance of the smaller monkey.

It is not hard to see why marmosets are an instant favorite with pet lovers—human or otherwise; their relatively small sizes and their distinctive facial features set them apart from other types of primates. If you are interested in owning such a pet, you can seek reputable breeders that offer adorable pet monkeys for sale.

Generally, most pet monkeys like marmosets possess a childlike degree of intelligence that owners should not underestimate. Due to this, owners might experience some initial difficulties raising their pet marmosets, unless the monkeys have been raised and disciplined at an early age.

Fortunately, budding pet owners can purchase a well-cared monkey for sale from a professional breeder certified by the USDA, to make the taming process easier. Owners should initially train their pet marmosets to wear leashes in order to discipline the primates and help them distinguish between moments of play and good behavior.


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