Fast Facts about Common Marmosets

These might not be at the top of anyone’s must-have pets list, but marmoset monkeys can actually make for really adorable pets. Some people keep a couple of them in their homes, and they would be able to tell you that owning a common marmoset requires a lot of hard work.

To prepare for ownership yourself, you might want to learn more about them. Most commonly found in Brazil, marmosets have a grey body and, as they age, develop white tuffs extending from both sides of their faces, thus earning them the moniker Cotton Eared Marmosets. Discerning between the male and the female marmosets might be difficult, since both genders look very similar to each other. Male marmosets could reach up to a pound in weight, with females weighing slightly less.

Unlike other common breeds of monkeys, marmosets have claws for fingernails and they have a tendency to move into better territories, which helps them survive changes in their current environment. They can also move quickly and are able to jump long distances. Fixing up a diet for marmosets is fairly easy; they usually prey on spiders, tree sap, bird eggs, and smaller vertebrates, although they might be picky on what they eat when food is aplenty.

Knowing these little nuggets of information about marmosets can help you keep them for as long as their lifespan, which could last between 7 to 20 years.


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