Having Exotic Animals as Pets

If you’re looking for a new family pet, dogs and cats might sound a bit commonplace. Why not try a new one, say a monkey, that’s both exotic and easy to care for? Along with guinea pigs, geckos, chinchillas, and iguanas, monkey can make for a really great exotic pet, and because they are highly intelligent animals, it would be not unlike having a human-like companion in your home.

Chimpanzees, macaques, squirrel monkeys, and marmosets are the usual choices for pet monkeys. Pygmy marmosets, in particular, are popular among households because of their small size and undeniably cute appearance. Monkeys can be easily trained, and since they are among the only animals that have opposable thumbs, they can be trained to do simple household chores, which could make them very dependable pets and home companions.

Keep in mind, however, that keeping a monkey as a pet is not always advisable for everyone, and it takes a lot of homework and research on your part. They require a lot of attention and a lot of space for them to frolic around in, and if not allowed to interact with their other peers, they could grow depressed and aggressive, especially if you let them grow in a cage. With the appropriate care, however, you can be sure they’ll make a great addition to your household.


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