Some Interesting Facts about Marmoset Monkeys

They’re cute and cuddly, and they’d easily fit around your finger; the charm of pygmy marmoset monkeys (Cebuella Pygmaea) makes it one of the top choices for people looking for exotic pets. Believe it or not, however, the name origin for pygmy marmosets isn’t as cute and cuddly as the creatures themselves. Some believe that the name was derived from the old French word “marmouset”, which meant a grotesque image or mannequin.

Unflattering word origin aside, these monkeys (regarded as one of the smallest species of monkeys in the world) only grow between 11 and 15 cm. Pygmy marmoset monkeys are usually earth-colored, which they use to their advantage to hide from their usual predators, including eagles and hawks. In the wild, pygmy marmosets can survive for as long as 15 years, or 20 years in captivity.

These monkeys are also usually found in South America, particularly in Brazilian rainforests and choose trees that grow along the Amazon River, such as African tulip, tropical oak, tropical dwarf papaya, coral, perfume acacia, and princess trees. Notice those long claws? They use these to cling to trees and to gorge out gum, resin, or sap from the trees, which mainly comprise their diets.


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