Taking Care of Marmoset Monkeys

Marmosets are the smallest monkeys with an approximate size of 20 inches in length. Similar to other types of monkeys, they possess the same primitive features, as they have claws, tactile hairs on their wrists, and sharp incisors that can make holes in tree trunks. Despite these characteristics, marmosets actually make good companions, and more people are actually starting to consider them as household pets with their charming and lovable characters.

Having knowledge on how they should be taken care of is an important factor prior to purchasing one from credible breeders. Marmosets can be demanding pets especially in seeking their owner’s attention, as well as in terms of their training methods and maintenance costs.

As socially active animals, marmosets dislike being alone and being kept in cages. Doing such may result to negative attitudes such as throwing of tantrums, shouting in high-pitched tones, and may even cause damage to his environment. Changes in their behavior lead to them becoming harsh as they grow up, thus owners should make sure to give them the proper care and attention to avoid deviant behavior and accidents.

Their nutrition is also vital in the whole caring process. Fruits, vegetables, fish, and white meat are staple, but keep in mind that marmosets easily get bored with what they eat, therefore feeding them with small insects (e.g. crickets, grasshoppers, and worms) would contribute to the variety of their diet. They may also be given sweets like marshmallows, cakes, and ice creams.



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