Life with a Pygmy Marmoset

When you have decided to acquire a pygmy marmoset, one aspect that a pet seller will have you look out for is the animal’s behavior. In many ways, understanding the monkey’s behavior is key to being able to live with him, tolerate his quirks, and in turn, learning to love him even more.

Staying Positive

Spending time with your pet and playing with him is an indicator of your level of commitment as an owner. In their early years, pygmy marmosets want to see who will be with them for the long haul. In turn, they show signs of positive behavior toward the owner.

On the mobility front, marmosets move with relaxed gaits from one location to another. They also tend to leap a considerable distance.

If you are somehow able to acquire a second marmoset, that amps the original pet’s social skills further. They can be found grooming each other or lying down to invite the other to do it. Infant marmosets develop cognitive abilities when licked by elder monkeys.


Sometimes, certain situations can get your pet very cranky. For instance, they can aggressively get other monkey’s food or chase them relentlessly. The human amusement or insult of mooning or showing buttocks toward someone, is also evident in marmosets—they do it when threatened.


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