They See, They Do: Keeping Monkeys as Pets

When it comes to pets, the first animals that come to mind are dogs and cats. On the other hand, some may think of hamsters, rabbits, fish, or turtles. What about monkeys? Yes, it is possible to own a monkey and keep as a pet, and why not? They’re intelligent, human-like, and cuddly, even.

Buying a pet monkey isn’t as simple as going to the nearest pet shop and picking one off, however. The type of monkey that is in consideration should first be studied so that you know what you are getting. The most common types of monkeys being bought and kept as pets are marmosets, capuchins, squirrel monkeys, and spider monkeys. Continue reading


Life with a Pygmy Marmoset

When you have decided to acquire a pygmy marmoset, one aspect that a pet seller will have you look out for is the animal’s behavior. In many ways, understanding the monkey’s behavior is key to being able to live with him, tolerate his quirks, and in turn, learning to love him even more. Continue reading

Taking Care of Marmoset Monkeys

Marmosets are the smallest monkeys with an approximate size of 20 inches in length. Similar to other types of monkeys, they possess the same primitive features, as they have claws, tactile hairs on their wrists, and sharp incisors that can make holes in tree trunks. Despite these characteristics, marmosets actually make good companions, and more people are actually starting to consider them as household pets with their charming and lovable characters.

Having knowledge on how they should be taken care of is an important factor prior to purchasing one from credible breeders. Marmosets can be demanding pets especially in seeking their owner’s attention, as well as in terms of their training methods and maintenance costs. Continue reading

Monkey Ownership: Things to Consider

Dogs are man’s best friend. With the charm, loyalty, and cuteness all in one package that dogs possess, human beings are absolutely in love with them. That being said, Dogs and cats are the usual choice of pets. On the other hand, the adventurous type of people also considers exotic animals such as snakes, tigers, and monkeys as pets.

These exotic animals, however, are not for everyone, as they require a very distinct kind of care in response to their needs. Compared with other animals, monkeys can be very demanding about their needs, so choosing the right species is crucial. For people who are considering a monkey as their companion in life, here are some guidelines that may help in their decision-making. Continue reading

Some Interesting Facts about Marmoset Monkeys

They’re cute and cuddly, and they’d easily fit around your finger; the charm of pygmy marmoset monkeys (Cebuella Pygmaea) makes it one of the top choices for people looking for exotic pets. Believe it or not, however, the name origin for pygmy marmosets isn’t as cute and cuddly as the creatures themselves. Some believe that the name was derived from the old French word “marmouset”, which meant a grotesque image or mannequin. Continue reading

Having Exotic Animals as Pets

If you’re looking for a new family pet, dogs and cats might sound a bit commonplace. Why not try a new one, say a monkey, that’s both exotic and easy to care for? Along with guinea pigs, geckos, chinchillas, and iguanas, monkey can make for a really great exotic pet, and because they are highly intelligent animals, it would be not unlike having a human-like companion in your home. Continue reading

Fast Facts about Common Marmosets

These might not be at the top of anyone’s must-have pets list, but marmoset monkeys can actually make for really adorable pets. Some people keep a couple of them in their homes, and they would be able to tell you that owning a common marmoset requires a lot of hard work.

To prepare for ownership yourself, you might want to learn more about them. Most commonly found in Brazil, marmosets have a grey body and, as they age, develop white tuffs extending from both sides of their faces, thus earning them the moniker Cotton Eared Marmosets. Discerning between the male and the female marmosets might be difficult, since both genders look very similar to each other. Male marmosets could reach up to a pound in weight, with females weighing slightly less. Continue reading